Incheon, Republic of Korea - 19 Oct 2012

Forum on ICTD for youth goes live on APCICT’s knowledge sharing Communities of Practice platform

In an effort to enrich the learning experience of students enrolled in ICT for Development (ICTD) courses, UN-APCICT/ESCAP is launching the Primer Series Community of Practice (Primer CoP). The Primer CoP is the third community in APCICT’s Communities of Practice platform, which was first launched in August, 2012. The Primer CoP is intended to serve as a collaborative online platform for educators and students with common interests to share knowledge and best practices related to ICTD topics. Students enrolled in classes that incorporate the Primer Series, as well as anyone learning or teaching about ICTs and/or development in general, can utilize the Primer CoP to enhance their learning experience.

As an interactive e-learning platform, the Primer CoP will feature a discussion bulletin board on which students can post questions that are answered by subject matter expert facilitators including the original author of Primer 1: ‘An Introduction to ICT for Development’ and an APCICT partner from Tajikistan who has been working to deliver Primer training. Additionally, the facilitators will periodically upload relevant resources that may be of interest for you and your students. Instructors and students alike can also participate in knowledge sharing by offering their own answers and resources on the CoP.

The CoP already includes interactive forums on cybersecurity and building ICTD institutions. The CoP was developed in support of  APCICT’s newest publication, the Knowledge Sharing Series (KSS),which aims to provide government officials with easy-to-reference, policy guidelines on different aspects of ICTD.  The first two issues of the KSS include: ICTD Institution Building and Cybersecurity