Academy Modules

Briefing note on "Frontier ICTs for Sustainable Development for Digital Leaders"

The Briefing Note Series aims to provide at-a-glance information of key ICTD issues for policymakers and to facilitate their understanding of the potential of ICT when formulating national development policies and programmes.This Briefing Note focuses on policy considerations drawn from the "Frontier ICTs for Sustainable Development for Digital Leaders" Academy module.

Academy Module on Inclusive Digital Development

This module introduces inclusive digital development in an effort to raise awareness among government officials on issues related to this concept. It also explores the benefits and challenges associated with digital society, digital economy and digital policies. The module aims to help policymakers and senior civil servants identify the policies and programs needed to design, develop, and implement an inclusive digital development strategy. 

Academy Module on Frontier ICTs for Sustainable Development for Digital Leaders

The Academy Module on Frontier ICTs for Sustainable Development for Digital Leaders aims to provide the technological overview and considerations, potential policy recommendations, and international cooperation agenda for the adoption of Frontier ICTs for digital leaders in developing countries to unlock the full potential of Frontier ICTs. In this prospect, the entire module consists of an overview of Frontier ICTs and three submodules. In the future, new submodules can be added as needed to cover new emerging technologies.

Academy Module on ICT Project Management Theory and Application for Digital Transformation and Sustainable Development

This module explores ICT project management and the theories and practices to deliver digital transformation for sustainable development outcomes. It introduces the international standards, bodies of knowledge and principles in project management to support organizations in the successful initiation, planning, implementation, monitoring and closing of projects that aim to strategically leverage ICTs to achieve Agenda 2030. The module provides guidance on tailoring the project management methodology to match the operational context and complexity of a project.

Academy Module on "Cross-Sectoral Infrastructure Sharing for Broadband"

The Academy module on "Cross-Sectoral Infrastructure Sharing for Broadband" aims to foster a better understanding and appreciation of cross-sectoral infrastructure sharing that supports broadband connectivity to reach the unconnected. It introduces the concept of cross-sectoral infrastructure sharing and how suitable strategies can be leveraged to expand the reach of broadband connectivity to the unserved and underserved living in rural and remote parts of the world.

Academy Module in Bahasa Indonesia on "Privasi dan Keamanan Informasi" (Information Security and Privacy)

Modul ini memberikan gambaran umum tentang konsep dan standar Keamanan Informasi dan Perlindungan Privasi dan membahas persyaratan untuk pembentukan dan implementasi kebijakan tentang keamanan informasi, serta siklus hidup kebijakan keamanan informasi. Hal ini bertujuan untuk membekali pejabat Pemerintah dan pegawai negeri sipil dengan pengetahuan dan alat untuk menilai kebijakan keamanan informasi yang ada dalam hal standar internasional perlindungan privasi untuk merumuskan dan menerapkan kebijakan keamanan informasi, rencana dan program yang sesuai dengan konte

Academy Module on "Digital Government and Transformation"

The last two decades have seen a rapid societal transformation in the way information is processed and consumed. Digital technologies are now playing a catalyzing role in the digitization of services to citizens and are being used in multiple functions across Governments. This module provides an overview of how digital technologies can be used to improve the quality of governance and, in turn, contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Briefing Note in Russian on "ИКТ для управления рисками стихийных бедствий" (ICT for Disaster Risk Management)

Серия информационных записок направлена ​​на предоставление краткой информации по ключевым вопросам ИКТР для политиков и облегчение их понимания потенциала ИКТ при формулировании политики и программ национального развития. В самой последней информационной записке основное внимание уделяется соображениям политики, взятым из " ИКТ для управления рисками стихийных бедствий »модуль Академии.