The fifth issue of the Primer Series, “Exploring Social Media’s Role in Development”, provides fundamental concepts and characteristics of existing social media tools and highlights how social media contributes to socioeconomic development. This issue will also guide students to use social media in a safe and productive manner.

This primer is divided into eleven chapters. Each section begins with a set of learning objectives against which readers can assess their own progress. Each chapter of the primer contains multiple choice questions to help readers check that they have understood the discussions. There are also practical exercises to promote an interactive learning process among students and faculty, and encourage readers to think reflectively on the issues presented. Case studies and Guides to Best Practices are also provided throughout the primer. These are intended for discussion and analysis, particularly in terms of the extent to which the key concepts and principles presented in the primer work in real-world projects and programs. 

The primer does not only target students who plans to use social media in development. The intention is that all learners become aware of the potential of social media, and fully leverage this awareness even if they are not working specifically in development issues and/or projects.