This Primer on Project Management and ICTD provides fundamental concepts and tools utilized in project planning and management. There are two parts to this Primer. Part 1 discusses general concepts and tools in project management for development, as well as the use of general computer applications. This part is intended for students without any or limited technical background on ICT. Part 2 looks into the use of ICTs in managing projects, and delves into tools and techniques for managing ICTD projects. This second part will be more appropriate for students with some technical information technology background.

While this Primer is specifically focused on ICTD project management concepts, tools and techniques, it is anchored on the development framework comprehensively discussed in Primer 1: An Introduction to ICT for Development. Primer 1 provides a foundation for understanding how ICTs can be used for social and economic development, in particular in meeting a country’s development goals and needs.