Incheon, Republic of Korea - 31 Jul 2012

This month, APCICT will launch a “Communities of Practice” to enhance knowledge sharing, organize a meeting in support of programme Monitoring and Evaluation, and welcome officials from Algeria for an e-government training workshop organized by Korean development institutes

APCICT launches online Communities of Practice to strengthen peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing

On 16 August, the Asian and Pacific Training Centre for Information and Communication Technology for Development (APCICT) will launch an online Communities of Practice (CoP) to provide learners and experts with a collaborative space to share knowledge and best practices on ICT for development (ICTD). 

The CoP will include interactive forums on ICTD Institution Building and Cybersecurity, with additional forums on ICTD education for youth and other topics to follow. Participants of the CoP will be able to engage thematic experts and other learners, as well as upload files for knowledge-sharing purposes. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to receive new discussion topics and replies by email.

The CoP has been developed in support of APCICT’s recently published Knowledge Sharing Series(KSS), which aims to provide government officials with easy-to-reference, policy guidelines on different aspects of ICTD.  The original authors of the KSS will serve as the initial facilitators of the CoP forums, providing feedback to all submitted comments and questions.

APCICT organizes M&E Expert Group Meeting

On 28-29 August, APCICT will conduct an Expert Group Meeting towards strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation of APCICT’s “Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders” (Academy) programme.  Eight experts from Indonesia, Mongolia, the Philippines, and Tajikistan will examine various dimensions of a new ‘M&E Toolkit’ for the Academy.

The M&E Toolkit is a generic tool designed to provide Academy partners with flexibility for monitoring and evaluating the Academy programme in different contexts.  Participants of the Expert Group Meeting will review the Toolkit and concretize plans to apply its recommendations in the field over the coming months. The outcomes and lessons learned from the field application will subsequently be presented at a regional meeting of Academy partners to be held later this year.

APCICT hosts Algerian officials for e-government training

On 31 August, APCICT will welcome government officials and engineers from Algeria to receive training on the Centre’s flagship capacity development programme, the “Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders” (Academy). 

The workshop training on Academy Module 3 – e-Government Applications, will be delivered by original author Dr. Nag Yeon Lee, and will examine the key elements, concepts and principles needed to develop effective e-government systems.

The 1-day workshop at APCICT is part of a larger 3 week programme organized by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and Sungkyunkwan University, through its Global e-Policy and e-Government Institute.  From 16 Aug – 06 September, the 15 participants from Algeria will engage in a number of activities designed to enhance their abilities to develop, implement and manage e-government policies and projects.

APCICT, KOICA and Sungkyunkwan University have partnered to deliver e-government training on numerous occasions. Last month, 20 Nigerian officials visited APCICT for a day of e-Government training.