APDIP e-Note 12 - The Role of Governments in Promoting ICT Access and Use by SMEs: Considerations for Public Policy

This APDIP e-Note provides an overview of the policy considerations that are needed to promote information and communications technology (ICT) usage among SMEs. It discusses critical components for a comprehensive policy and legislative strategy that would address the various policy, legal, market, technical and social considerations needed in order to create conditions conductive for encouraging ICT-enabled SMEs

Gender Perspectives on the Information Society

The video provides snapshots of the critical issues discussed at the Gender Perspectives on the Information Society: South Asia Pre-WSIS (World Summit on the Information Society) Seminar. This seminar took place in Bangalore on 18-19 April 2005. It was organized by IT for Change in partnership with Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era and Centre for Public Policy, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, with support from UNDP's Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme and UNIFEM.

APDIP e-Note 2 - Do Governments Actually Believe that ICT Can Help Alleviate Poverty? A perspective from Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers

This APDIP e-Note examines the treatment of information and communication technologies in Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs) of Asia-Pacific countries. PRSPs serve as a good starting point because they direct the focus of World Bank and International Monetary Fund concessional lending.

APDIP e-Note 5 – Building Online Communities of Practice: The International Open Source Network Model

This APDIP e-Note discusses the approaches, tools and technologies used by the International Open Source Network to build a participatory, sustainable and ever-expanding community of practice around issues related to free/open source software, open content and open standards.


One year ago the United Nations Development Group (UNDG) released a summary of a global consultation process on the world that people want. The report, ‘A Million Voices’, captured the results of nearly 100 national dialogues on post-2015, 11 thematic consultations, and a vibrant e-discussion and global survey, MY World. The current report picks up where 'A Million Voices' left off, and looks in more depth at the factors within each country that will support or impede implementation. A set of Dialogues has been exploring these factors and are still capturing ideas around six topics.

APDIP e-Note 7 - Open Technologies: Catalyst for transformation

An information and communications technology (ICT) ecosystem includes not only the hardware and software but also the policies, processes, applications, partnerships and stakeholders that together make up the technology environment for a country, government or organization. This APDIP e-Note explains the value of open ICT ecosystems and elaborates on their principles and building blocks in simple terms.