e-Government Interoperability

This e-primer walks its readers through the vision and value of e-government interoperability and the steps required to achieve effective interoperability. It also answers some fundamental questions such as why government interoperability frameworks should be developed; who should be involved; how are they produced and revised; and what are the key factors for their successful development and operationalization.

Women’s Socioeconomic Empowerment through ICT in Latin America: Peru, Colombia, Ecuador

The primary purpose of this report is to describe the process of creating and disseminating an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) training curriculum that serves information and economic interests of women entrepreneurs in three Latin American countries: Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador. The overarching goal of the training is to provide accessible and regionally appropriate content that teaches women how to effectively harness the power of the information economy and to leverage e-business strategies to improve their socioeconomic statuses.

Strengthening Disaster Risk Governance

The report ‘Strengthening Disaster Risk Governance: UNDP Support during the HFA Implementation Period 2005-2015’ examines the strategies and methodologies employed by UNDP over the last decade to promote an enabling governance environment for disaster risk reduction (DRR). In particular, it presents an analysis of UNDP support for getting DRR on the political agenda as a cross-cutting development priority, and facilitating the translation of DRR policy frameworks into action at the local level.

Empowering Parliaments through the Use of ICTs

e-Parliament is an emerging area of work in developing countries, and is thus still in its infancy when compared to national ICT for Development strategies, e-government or e-commerce. Not surprisingly, there are few studies on the subject, few comparative experiences and human resources are limited. The study has developed an analytical framework that focuses on the three core functions of Parliaments - legislation, representation and oversight - and establishes links between them.