Providing access to basic literacy education with educational TV

To introduce literacy concepts to wider audiences, the authors developed a TV programme "Bizim Sınıf" (Our Classroom) in collaboration with a private broadcast company whose TV channel is viewed all across Turkey. The goal of the paper is to (a) describe this TV programme in detail, (b) report the evaluation data and (c) discuss the implications for this type of distance education for other regions around the world to increase access to education.

Internet rights that went wrong in Turkey

This report presents an up-to-date assessment of internet rights in Turkey, and has been prepared for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2014 which is being hosted by Turkey in Istanbul on 2–5 September 2014. The IGF is a space that strives for a democratic and inclusive internet and this report assesses the Turkish government’s respect for international human rights standards in relation to freedom of expression online.