Social Media

Four things policy-makers need to know about social media data and real time analytics

The retention and protection of social media data has attracted renewed attention from policy-makers in the UK and across the EU. Having studied the complexity of how social media data operate in contexts of crisis, Ella McPherson provided evidence to a select committee on what lessons can be learned on the ethical and methodological complications of social media analysis. The summary point in this blog post form a cautionary tale about the range of issues related to the government analysing social media information.

A New Way to Communicate with Residents: Local Government Use of Social Media to Prepare for Emergencies

Cities and counties are experienced in emergency preparation, but not with social media. While the overall trend of social media use has grown, local governments have been much slower to embrace this new technology. This paper explores how six local governments in the United States (Evanston, Illinois; Johnson County, Kansas; Moorhead, Minnesota; Fort Bend County, Texas; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Alexandria, Virginia) use social media to prepare for and respond to emergencies.

Social Media Campaign: #Tagged

In late September 2011 more than 170 students from 12 Melbourne secondary schools took part in the launch of Tagged, the ACMA’s new cybersafety film. They were joined by members of parliament, and representatives from industry, government and education sectors, and child health and well-being agencies.

eSmart Campaign

The Alannah and Madeline Foundation's cybersafety and wellbeing initiative, eSmart aims to make cybersafety a normal part of every young person's life by equipping them to use technologies in ways that protect them from the associated risks.

Social Media Campaign: ThinkUKnow

ThinkUKnow Australia focuses on raising awareness amongst parents, carers and teachers on how kids have fun online, how they can stay in control and how to report when things go wrong. An important part of staying in control is being informed; ThinkUKnow aims to bridge the gulf in knowledge between adults and young people on technology-related issues.

Social Media Campaign: Guam Webz

GuamWEBZ has launched the Stop Cyberbullying On Guam initiative. We have developed online tools as a social outreach medium to provide information on cyberbullying, and more so, specifically about cyberbullying on Guam. The content-rich online platforms are great resources for all our island residents, and can be used as a tool for educators, counselors, authorities, parents, and fellow students.