Republic of

u-Korea Master Plan: To Achieve the World First Ubiquitous Society

This plan begins with a review of the Republic of Korea's progress and achievements in informatization since the 1990s. The plan aims for a friendly government that meets citizens' needs; intelligent land that bring intelligence to the national infrastructure facilities; regenerative economy that strengthen competitiveness of existing industries; secure and safe social environment; and tailored u-Life services that provide customized services for individuals. To meet these objectives, implementation strategies and actions are provided.

Conjoint analysis for mobile devices for ubiquitous learning in higher education: The Korean case

Despite the increasing importance of mobile devices in education, the essential features of these devices for ubiquitous learning have not been empirically addressed. This study empirically investigated the necessary conditions for using mobile devices as an educational tool for ubiquitous learning in higher education by a conjoint method. The results show that respondents want to use Window-based large-screen devices for their educational purposes; thus, current tablet PCs might not be suitable in terms of screen size and type of platform.

Good Practices in Information and Communication Technology Policies in Asia and the Pacific: Promotion of Enabling Policies and Regulatory Frameworks for Information and Communication Technology Development in the Asia-Pacific Region

This study is intended to be a resource for ICT policy planners and decision makers, and offers policy-oriented perspectives on ICT policy formulation and implementation in the Asia-Pacific region In preparing for the study, fact-finding missions were fielded to India, Malaysia and the Republic of Korea, followed by a regional seminar on enabling policies and regulatory frameworks for ICT development in the Asian and Pacific region held at Bangkok in December 2003 and an ESCAP/ITU regional training workshop on enabling policies and regulatory frameworks for ICT development in the Asian and