Policy Maker

ICT for Development: sustainable technology-supported participatory development for poverty alleviation in the context of digital divides

This paper will review recent literature and consider elements and boundary concepts that constitute the ICT4D field. The paper's goal is to review boundary objects (frameworks and participation processes) that have so far been created to aid ICT4D understanding and decision-making, and seek to synthesise these into a framework that goes at least some way to addressing the concerns about this issue.

The Role of ICT in Smart Cities Governance

This position paper discusses the role of information and communication technologies in the governance of the transition process that urban areas will have to undergo in the coming years. The topic is analyzed from a value-oriented perspective and in the light of almost two decades of technology-driven innovation in both the private and the public sector. All this has been examined in an attempt to take stock of past mistakes and to embrace the opportunities deriving from some important paradigm shifts appearing on the horizon.