Developing South Asia: Lessons & Insights

This publication, the first of South Asia Department’s South-South learning series, aims to showcase lessons, replicable practices, and other insights which development practitioners can learn from, and apply in, the context of their respective countries. Projects discussed here represent various sectors such as energy, urban development, transport, information and communications technology (ICT), irrigation, and disaster risk reduction.

Forging Innovations: Community Multimedia Centres in Nepal

This is a collection of case studies on Community Multimedia Centres (CMCs) in Nepal. It is intended to showcase the interesting and diverse growth of this initiative in spite of conflict and the lack of community radio regulation in the country. Three CMCs are each discussed using four categories: location and context, organizational structure, programmes, and sustainability. By examining three centres concurrently, common themes emerged in the overall functionality of CMCs in Nepal.

Introducing Internet-Based Services in the Mountain Areas of Nepal: An Asset Pentagon Perspective

Information and communication technology for development (ICT4D) projects can only be considered successful if they lead to some kind of individual, social, or economic development. The benefits of introducing ICT4D projects in developing countries are yet to be realized, particularly those introduced in mountainous and remote areas. This study addresses this knowledge gap by analyzing the Nepal Wireless Networking Project from the mountain areas in Nepal using the assets pentagon model (APM).

ICT for Non Formal Education

This report on the use of ICTs in non-formal education provides a perspective on how ICTs are increasingly being used in the community in general to make available information and learning to a larger target group outside of the formal school system. The paper attempts to understand the penetration of ICT in delivery of Non Formal Education (NFE).