ICT and disaster preparedness in Malaysia an exploratory study

Malaysians are increasingly finding themselves exposed to disasters especially land slides and flood. However, concern can be raised about citizen’s preparedness of disasters. This paper discusses the level of disaster preparedness among Malaysians from a survey of 346 citizens to assess their perceptions of disaster issues, and their attitudes towards increasing the disaster preparedness.

E-Governance and Service Delivery Innovations in Malaysia: An Overview

A significant development in public service in recent times is the increasing application of ICTs. Governments have embarked on programs and projects that seek to improve the delivery of public services through the adoption of ICT in the public sector. While initially e-government initiatives were aimed at increasing internal processes and operational efficiencies of public agencies, now e-government projects are employed in an attempt to provide an integrated and connected services to stakeholders.

The supportive distance learning environment: A study on the learning support needs of Malaysian online learners

This paper reports on a qualitative research study designed to explore the perception of a supportive distance learning environment and the needs of learners of an online distance learning Finance course offered by University Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia. The focus of the research was the learners' own reflection of their personal, academic and social needs as they trudged into the online learning environment.