ICTs and Climate Change - ITU-T Technology Watch Report #3

This report looks at the potential role that information and communication technologies (ICTs) play at different stages of the process of climate change, from contributing to global warming, to monitoring it, to mitigating its impact on the most vulnerable parts of the globe, to developing long-term solutions, both directly in the ICT sector and in other sectors like energy, transport, buildings etc. The final sections examine what ITU-T is already doing in this field and describe strategic options for the future.

World Information Society Report 2006

The World Information Society Report 2006 is the first edition in a series of reports that will monitor the development of the Information Society worldwide. In particular, this new series will chart progress towards the implementation of the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) and WSIS targets. This Report is intended to provide guidelines for policymakers, in particular in developing countries, in the context of mobilizing resources and developing their own strategies for building the Information Society.

Entrepreneurship and e-Business Development for Women

Competitiveness of businesses owned by women is usually constrained by limited access to information and resources to support the development and marketing of their products. e-Business can address this limiting factor. It promotes innovations by creating new products, new markets and even new industries. Moreover, it can help empower women by facilitating women’s entrepreneurship. This publication reports the outcomes of the International Workshop on Entrepreneurship and e-Business Development for Women that was held in Seoul, Republic of Korea on 3-8 July 2006.