information management

ICT-Based Work Management to Support Unmanned Construction For Post-Disaster Restoration

This paper describes the ICT-based work management to enhance collaborative works and interactive communication, and to grasp significant information in order to support unmanned construction for post-disaster restoration. Firstly, this paper reports the unmanned constructions that have been and are being done in the Unzen restoration project.

ICT and disaster preparedness in Malaysia an exploratory study

Malaysians are increasingly finding themselves exposed to disasters especially land slides and flood. However, concern can be raised about citizen’s preparedness of disasters. This paper discusses the level of disaster preparedness among Malaysians from a survey of 346 citizens to assess their perceptions of disaster issues, and their attitudes towards increasing the disaster preparedness.

A View on the Role of Information Security on ICT-enabled Judicial Systems

This paper identifies the most common security objectives being set in ICT enabled solutions for judicial environments; as found in several on-going and finished projects co-funded by the European Union (EU). These objectives are discussed within the context of Justice and the state-of-the-art of Information Security is resented as possible solutions. Finally, a number of security initiatives and organizations which try to standardise solutions and approaches to common challenges are discussed.

Information Systems Innovation in the Humanitarian Sector

With the increase in humanitarian crises and consequent aid, there is greater demand for evidence of the effectiveness and accountability of aid. Information Systems (ISs) are critical for emergency response and humanitarian operations in fulfilling these demands, but also because the consequences of having or not having timely and accurate data are usually life and death. IS innovation in the context of the humanitarian sector highlights the need for contextbased approaches to innovation.

Agricultural information networks, information needs and risk management strategies: a survey of farmers in Indo-Gangetic Plains of India

Access to reliable, timely and relevant information can help significantly and in many ways to reduce farmers’ risk and uncertainty, empowering them to make good decisions. However, whether or not this access leads to impact often depends on issues related to markets, institutions, policies and resource availability.