WIFI Policymakers Module in Telugu for "An Enabling Environment for Women Entrepreneurs"

The objective of this module is to inform policymakers and support their policymaking skills with gender-related knowledge to create an enabling environment for ICT-empowered women entrepreneurs. The module has four main sections, as well as an introduction and conclusion. The first section introduces the concepts of gender and empowerment within the context of the sustainable development goals. The second section explores the interfaces between women and information and communication technologies (ICTs), including the gender divide in the use of ICTs.

WIFI Core Module 2 in Telugu on "Enabling Role of ICT for Women Entrepreneurs"

The primary objective of this module is to introduce the key concepts of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. It also focuses on the global and regional status of women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship’s relations to women’s empowerment, the barriers and enablers faced by women entrepreneurs, and the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in women’s entrepreneurship.

WIFI Core Module 1 in Telugu on "Women's Empowerment, SDGs and ICT"

The primary objective of this module is to introduce the key concepts of Empowerment; Women’s empowerment, and its barriers and enablers in present times; Information and communication technology (ICT), and its challenges and opportunities in promoting women’s empowerment; and the Sustainable Development Goals related to achieving women’s empowerment.