ICTD curriculum

The importance of introducing a course on information and communication technologies for development into the information technology curriculum

This paper studies the role and the importance of Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) education in Information Technology (IT) programs. The research included students who attended an ICT4D course at the New York Institute of Technology, at the Amman Campus, between 2006 to 2009.

An Approach to Integrating ICTD Projects into an Undergraduate Curriculum

This reports looks at the inroads information and communication technologies to development (ICTD) is making as a research area in computer science and engineering (CSE) at the university level. It spans application areas from healthcare to transportation, and requires the use of computing skills from networking to user interface design. Addressing problems of developing regions and under-served communities lets students explore a different part of the ICT design space, leading to new implementation and research questions.

UN-APCICT promotes engaged learning in universities across Asia-Pacific

Over 100 participants from more than 20 countries came together in Selangor, Malaysia for the three-day event held from 3 to 5 June as part of a series of UN-APCICT activities promoting students’ engagement in community development.


Whether it is an IT student volunteering in a rural Timor-Leste community learning center, or a health student on work experience at a Cambodian women's center, engaged learning methods can better prepare young people to be the future leaders of the Asia–Pacific region.

UN-APCICT promotes ICT for sustainable development (ICTD) to institutions of higher learning in Cambodia

The Asian and Pacific Training Centre for Information and Communication Technology for Development (APCICT), in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS), co-organized the High Level Briefing on the Primer Series on ICTD for Youth on 23 December 2016. The briefing took place in conjunction with the national launch of Women and ICT Frontier Initiative (WIFI) on 19-22 December in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

UN Concludes Workshop to Strengthen ICTD Education in the Asia-Pacific

UN Information Communication Technology Hub for Asia-Pacific looks to strengthen coverage of Information and Communication Technology for Development in Higher-Learning Institutions.

PR No: G/57/2010

9 November 2010

Incheon, Republic of Korea (UN ESCAP Information Services) – Over seventy governments and higher-learning institution participants from the Asia-Pacific region concluded a curriculum enhancement workshop organized by the United Nations Information Communications Technology (ICT) capacity development hub.