Training of Trainers on E-Commerce Application for Women Entrepreneurs and Women-Owned Small Businesses in Viet Nam

The E-Commerce Development Centre (EDC), Department of E-commerce and Digital Economy, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Viet Nam and APCICT/ESCAP organized a Training of Trainers on E-Commerce Application for Women Entrepreneurs and Women-Owned Small Businesses in Viet Nam from 18 to 23 December 2020 in Hanoi. The training aims to enhance the business knowledge and practical skills of trainers in the areas of e-commerce, digital marketing and communication, as well as cross-border e-commerce.   

Internet Use for Business Development: An Introductory Set of Training Modules for Policymakers

This publication is the output of the project on “Capacity Building in Internet Governance” financially supported by the Government of the Republic of Korea. The project aimed at the government policy makers and implementers to utilize their capacity for formulation and implementation of essential public and other policies relevant to internet governance for sustainable socio-economic development and to enhance effective participation in the regional and global internet governance forums.

Financing Technology Entrepreneurs & SMEs in Developing Countries: Challenges and Opportunities

In developing countries, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have great difficulty in obtaining the necessary financial resources to effectively scale up and grow their businesses. This report provides: (i) an assessment of the financing needs voiced by techno-entrepreneurs; (ii) a review of the financing opportunities available; and (iii) a series of suggestions regarding possible measures to alleviate the financing gap.

Becoming e-Cities: Legal Issues and Challenges

The paper highlights various legal issues that may hinder e-commerce and the solutions that have been devised at international and regional levels to resolve the issues. This includes comparative studies of countries that have successfully implemented or incorporated e-commerce solutions into daily government activities. The intended result is to show how e-commerce can be transformed to work.