Strengthening Rural Livelihoods: The impact of information and communication technologies in Asia

This capacity building publication includes a compilation of several articles written by different authors on the activation of ICT resources in low-income agricultural communities. The articles discuss the effect that ICT, such as cell phone technology, is having on people’s lives in countries across Asia, includeing China, the Philippines, India and Sri Lanka.

E-Business Development Services for SMEs in Selected ASEAN Countries and Southern China

This publication is one of the outputs from a project entitled "Development of e-business development services for SMEs in selected ASEAN countries and Southern China." The publication is based on findings from a desk study, a survey on the use of ICT by SMEs, six national stakeholders consultations, a regional workshop, two training workshops and four pilot projects. This publication includes a CD that contains, among other things, training modules in English and in six languages.

Academy Module on "ICT for Disaster Risk Management" in Chinese

This module provides government officials and policymakers with an overview of disaster risk management (DRM) and presents an approach for identifying information needs in DRM. It then matches the needs with ICT. The module also describes and provides examples of existing ICT applications for DRM and discusses benefits and barriers for utilizing ICT in DRM.