Case Study

Developing Content for the Community

This case study details the e-Knowledge Public Domain project that aims to extend the use of Community e-Centers in the Philippines from simply being a means to access information to becoming local knowledge production centres. The strategy is to develop appropriate ICT skills in communities to enable community members to create relevant digital content.


This online portal has a collection of case studies of completed and ongoing projects on ICT applications for rural development in India. The cases are from governmental and non-governmental sources, on categories including: agriculture; culture, tourism and heritage; disaster management; e-governance; education; environment and natural resources management; health; livelihoods; rural water supply and sanitation; and women empowerment.

Towards Knowledge Society: A Handbook of Selected Initiatives in South Asia

The handbook contains ICT4D initiatives of selected South Asian organisations covering key aspects of their activities including impact, innovation, partnerships, management as well as the challenges they face in implementing their ideas. The information gathering approach and preparation of the cases were designed in such a manner so that readers and users can easily understand the ideas behind the models and can make comparisons across models.

Compendium of eGovernance Initiatives in India

This book consolidates over 40 e-governance projects, implemented in India focused on Government to Business, Government to Citizen, Government to Government and Government to Employees initiatives. In addition, the book also details an e-governance project assessment framework. The book is a good resource for those working in e-governance.

The book is available in pdf format at

A Developing Connection: Bridging the Policy Gap between the Information Society and Sustainable Development

This is a collection of case studies conducted by seven young researchers from six countries - Brazil, Costa Rica, Egypt, India, Kenya and South Africa - looking at the emerging relationship between sustainable development (SD) and the information society (IS). The diversity of the issues uncovered by the researchers points to the fact that each country’s opportunity to advance SD goals through careful planning of IS policy may be different.

Exploring New Modalities: Experiences with Information and Communications Technology Interventions in the Asia-Pacific Region - A Review and Analysis of the Pan-Asia ICT R&D Grants Programme

The Pan-Asia ICT R&D Grants Programme for Asia-Pacific is directed at encouraging original and innovative information and communications technology solutions to development problems. This publication reviews and analyzes 56 projects from 14 different countries funded by the Programme between 2002-2005. Projects are focused on access to information and communication; capacity building and education; policy and social research; technical innovation; environment and agriculture; and health and medicine.

UN-APCICT publishes case studies to promote open and distance learning

Recognizing the potential that open and distance learning has to improve access to education for people facing socio-economic or geographical constraints, the United Nations Asian and Pacific Training Center for ICT for Development (UN-APCICT) has published the Open and Distance Learning in Asia and the Pacific Case Study, the third issue of its ICT for Development (ICTD) Case Study Series.