Implementing e-Government: Report of the Regional Workshop, Bangkok, 31 May - 4 June 2004

This publication is a report of a regional workshop on e-government and its potential to improve efficiency and transparency in the public sector and to enhance quality of life through more inclusive public services. It presents experiences of ESCAP member countries in the implementation of e-government and discusses issues and options.

UNESCAP Reference No.: ST/ESCAP/2342

Building e-Community Centres for Rural Development: Report of the Regional Workshop, Bali, Indonesia, 8-14 December 2004

This is the Proceedings of the Building e-Community Centres for Rural Development Workshop co-organized by UNESCAP and ADBI. The Workshop's objectives were to examine the various issues related to e-Community Centres in the Asia-Pacific region and share good practices that can be used as models for successful development and operation of these centres.

UNESCAP Reference No.:  ST/ESCAP/2369


This publication reviews diverse business models and trends in e-procurement; examines the policies, legal framework and technological infrastructure required for e-procurement; and identifies the overall current status of e-procurement in the Asia-Pacific region.

UNESCAP Reference No.:  ST/ESCAP/2406

Entrepreneurship and e-Business Development for Women

Competitiveness of businesses owned by women is usually constrained by limited access to information and resources to support the development and marketing of their products. e-Business can address this limiting factor. It promotes innovations by creating new products, new markets and even new industries. Moreover, it can help empower women by facilitating women’s entrepreneurship. This publication reports the outcomes of the International Workshop on Entrepreneurship and e-Business Development for Women that was held in Seoul, Republic of Korea on 3-8 July 2006.