Unveiling the Links between ICTs & Climate Change in Developing Countries: A Scoping Study

This study discusses the need to explore further the links between ICTs, climate change and development, as these fields become increasingly interlocked due to the magnifying effect of climate change on existing development challenges and vulnerabilities.

Emerging evidence indicates that both acute (i.e. extreme weather events) and chronic climate effects (i.e. longer-term changes in the environment) can have serious developmental effects that hit particularly hard those countries that are already experiencing the hardships of poverty and marginalization. But alongside increasing awareness of the manifestations of climate change and the growing momentum of the debate, the role of information and communication technologies (ICTs) is starting to emerge and to shed light on potentially innovative approaches to respond, prepare for, and adapt to climate change impacts.

This scoping study targets an audience of development strategists and practitioners – working on ICTs-for-development (ICT4D), on climate change, on disaster response, and other focal areas – interested in gaining a better understanding of the current trends and perspectives in ICTs-and climate change research, with a focus on developing countries. It seeks to raise awareness on the potential and challenges associated with the use of these tools from a developing country perspective. And it seeks to identify emerging issues and research gaps that require further academic analysis and/or multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Angelica Valeria Ospina
Richard Heeks
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