Trend of 5G Industry and Services (2022)

Trends of 5G Industry

5G is the IMT-2020 wireless communication standard defined by the ITU. It is the fifth generation of mobile communication and includes LTE and NR (New Radio). This video will focus on the 5G network changing from NSA (Non-Standalone) to SA (Standalone), the expansion of 5G through the 5G specialized network market, and new changes in the equipment market through the commercialization of open LAN, and we will learn about AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology that is actively used in network operation, network planning and diagnosis methods, and various use cases, and discuss its implications. 




1. History of Mobile Communication 

2. Current Trend of 5G Industry 

3. Summary and Beyond 5G 


Woo Jin Byun, Institute of Information & Communications Technology Planning & Evaluation (IITP)

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