Review of the UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development Programme Website

This study is an evaluation and review of the website component of the UNDP South East Asia HIV (SEAHIV) and Development Programme. The author begins by examining the context, mission and purpose. The performance of the website is then assessed, focusing on the posting of documents and their downloading. And finally, the impact of the website is examined.

The main issue for evaluation in this study is one of access, since no other studies of the audience are carried out. This is consistent with the main purpose of the SEAHIV website which was to expand access to the range of documents available. Most of the data from this study is focused on the download patterns and behaviour of visitors to the site. The study examines the performance of the site in terms of the number of documents it has posted, which totalled 57 (not including translations) across a range of subject areas related to HIV/AIDS concerns in the region. It also tabulated the number of translations in different languages, an important indicator of access to information for the populations in the region. The pattern of translations reflected the prevalence of English amongst the target populations for the documents and the demand (itself determined by the internet connectivity of the population).

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Jacques du Guerny
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