Listening and Healing in the Peruvian Amazon: An Assessment of Minga Peru’s Intercultural Radio Educative Project to Prevent and Control Domestic Violence and HIV/AIDS

This report assesses the Intercultural Radio Educative Project that was implemented in Peru between 2006 and 2008, by Minga Peru, a non-governmental organization, with support from UNIFEM.

The project was designed to help fight against violence and HIV/AIDS in rural communities and schools of the Peruvian Amazon. The report documents Minga Peru’s on-air and on-the-ground communication strategy, including its intercultural and grounded praxis. The various components of the Intercultural Radio Educative project are described, including the training of teachers and radio correspondents, integration of domestic violence and HIV/AIDS topics in the existing school secondary curriculum, and the development of culturally-resonant radio scripts in a process aptly labeled “listener-as-producer”.

Arvind Singhal
Samuel Shirley
Edna Holt
Lucia Dura
© Project Assessment Minga Peru, 2008