Improving Health, Connecting People: The Role of ICTs in the Health Sector of Developing Countries - A Framework Paper

This paper provides a snapshot of the types of information and communication technology (ICT) being used in the health sector, and the policy debates involving ICTs and health. It is aimed at policymakers, international donors, local practitioners, and others who are involved in the development or management of programmes in the health sector in developing countries. The paper illustrates the major constraints faced in using ICTs effectively in the health sector of developing countries. It draws out good practices for using ICTs in the health sector, identifies major players and stakeholders, and highlights priority needs and issues of relevance to policymakers. It pays particular attention to how ICTs can best be used to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals, as part of poverty reduction strategies and in order to improve the health of the most poor and vulnerable people.

Kerry McNamara
© infoDev, 2007, 65 pages