ICT for Improved Public Service Delivery in Papua New Guinea

This study was conducted amongst 189 respondents in Papua New Guinea (PNG) using structured questionnaires distributed to different groups of respondents using stratified random sampling. The results indicate that e-governance has the potential to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction. It is also confirmed through the findings in this research that the expectations of citizens from public services are quite high, but experience has often been negative i.e. there is a huge variance in the perception and expectation of normal citizens in the country regarding service delivery, quality of services. This has negatively affected customer satisfaction over the number of years. It is concluded that there is an urgent need in PNG to employ e-governance in all public agencies in view of prevailing problems of service quality. E-governance should be seen as a means of improving service quality in the future.

R. D. Pathak
Rafia Naz
Gurmeet Singh
RFI Smith
© Journal of Administration & Governance (JOAAG), 2010