ICT-Enabled Development of Capacity for Climate Change Adaptation

ICTs will form an essential part in the development of capacity necessary to adapt to the challenges posed by climate change, and to cope with the associated short-term shocks and long-term trends.

This paper explores the role that Mobile technologies have played in a number of initiatives that have successfully combined local and external information and knowledge. The report concludes that these initiatives have made a valuable contribution to deliberate, pre-planned strategies for adaptation, focusing on the informational role of ICTs and combining local and external capacities (though limited in their development of local capacity). However, the paper notes that climate change adaptation also demands emergent actions that cannot be foreseen in advance, and which require the development of communities more as self-organising systems. This will require ICTs to be transformational as much as informational, developing collective as much as individual capacities.

Laxmi Prasad
Richard Heeks
© Centre for Development Informatics, 2011