ICT and the environment in developing countries: opportunities and developments

This paper explores how the Internet and the ICT and related research communities can help tackle environmental challenges in developing countries through more environmentally sustainable models of economic development, and examines the status of current and emerging environmentally friendly technologies, equipment and applications in supporting programs aimed at addressing climate change and improving energy efficiency. Discussion focuses on the role of ICTs in: (i) climate change mitigation (e.g. investing in smart transport and energy efficient infrastructure); (ii) mitigating other environmental pressures (e.g. biodiversity loss, water and soil pollution); (iii) climate change adaptation (e.g. adapting to rising sea levels, droughts, desertification); and (iv) international co-operation (e.g. technology transfer and the development of sustainable ICT value chains). This paper provides an overview and points to further information sources where available.

John Houghton
© Victoria University, Australia, 2009