ICT and disaster preparedness in Malaysia an exploratory study

Malaysians are increasingly finding themselves exposed to disasters especially land slides and flood. However, concern can be raised about citizen’s preparedness of disasters. This paper discusses the level of disaster preparedness among Malaysians from a survey of 346 citizens to assess their perceptions of disaster issues, and their attitudes towards increasing the disaster preparedness. The findings reveal that although there is a high degree of confidence at surface level, with respondents claiming to be aware of the disaster issues and the ability to utilize many of the relevant safety methods, a deeper assessment suggests that there are several areas in which desirable knowledge and understanding is lacking. The study presents the role of ICT in the form of knowledge management systems as the recommendation for Malaysians and the Malaysian government as a tool to improve the level of disaster preparedness. The study is timely to the public especially to the local community to preempt, deal with and, ultimately, survive a disaster.

D. Magiswary
R. Murali
M. Saravanan
et al
© WSEAS Transactions on Information Science and Applications, 2010