E-Governance and Service Delivery Innovations in Malaysia: An Overview

A significant development in public service in recent times is the increasing application of ICTs. Governments have embarked on programs and projects that seek to improve the delivery of public services through the adoption of ICT in the public sector. While initially e-government initiatives were aimed at increasing internal processes and operational efficiencies of public agencies, now e-government projects are employed in an attempt to provide an integrated and connected services to stakeholders. E-government is also seen as a strategy that would broadly support national economic objectives and the Millennium Development Goals. Malaysia has followed the global trend and adopted e-government in order to improve governance and service delivery on the one hand and to foster national developmental goals on the other. The Malaysian government has increased its e-government efforts by initiating and implementing different programs and projects. This paper provides an overview of some of these e-government schemes indicating the nature of innovations introduced and their significance in governance and service delivery.

Dr. Noore Alam Siddiquee
Dr. Mohamad Zin Mohamed
© Conference on 'Reaching out to People, Achieving Millennium Development Goals through Innovative Public Service Delivery', 2011