E-Business Development Services for SMEs in Selected ASEAN Countries and Southern China


This publication is one of the outputs from a project entitled "Development of e-business development services for SMEs in selected ASEAN countries and Southern China." The publication is based on findings from a desk study, a survey on the use of ICT by SMEs, six national stakeholders consultations, a regional workshop, two training workshops and four pilot projects. This publication includes a CD that contains, among other things, training modules in English and in six languages. This publication provides policy makers and enterprise support agencies with background information on the status of ICT use by SMEs, experiences on the formulation of a strategic framework for the development of e-business services for SMEs, and results of the evaluation of the four pilot projects implemented.

UNESCAP Reference No.:  ST/ESCAP/2440

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© United Nations, 2007, 83 pages ISBN 978-92-1-120502-2