Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2009-2010

Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2009-2010

The biennial Digital Review of Asia Pacific is a comprehensive guide to the state-of-practice and trends in information and communication technologies for development (ICTD) in Asia Pacific. This fourth edition (2009–2010) features 30 economies and four subregional groupings. The chapters provide updated information on ICT infrastructure, industries, content and services, key initiatives, enabling policies, regulation, education and capacity building, open source and R&D initiatives, as well as key ICTD challenges in each of the economies covered. The common framework that underpins these reports allows readers to undertake a comparative analysis and assess progress across the region.

In addition, regional overviews provide a synthesis of ICTD trends, regulatory issues, and lessons for managing innovation in the network economy. The thematic chapters focus on issues in ICT in education, a key area in ICTD.

The authors are drawn from government, academe, industry and civil society, providing a broad perspective on the use of ICTs for human development.

"The Digital Review of Asia Pacific meets an urgent need for current and relevant information and viewpoints on ICT for development in Asia and the Pacific. As such, it is a tremendously valuable resource for the policymakers, government leaders, and public sector managers." remarked Hyeun-Suk Rhee, Director of APCICT.

Shahid Akhtar
Patricia Arinto
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