Cloud computing with SOA approach as part of the disaster recovery and response in Finland

The Rescue Services in Finland have a significant problem of communication with other authorities who also participate in the rescue process. The greatest challenge is a lack of shared programs, applications or any other e-services which they can use to communicate with each other. The cloud computing combined with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) might be the answer for this problem. There are several solutions and guidelines available. This research paper explores which cloud computing deployment model and cloud service model could be suitable to address the problem along with Service-oriented approach. The Cloud approach is compared to a System of Systems approach of SPIDER (Security System for Public Institutions in Disastrous Emergency scenaRios) project, which emphasises enabling interoperable information sharing between public institutions for efficient disaster recovery and response. The paper presents conceptual view on usability of cloud and service-oriented computing in the disaster recovery and response services in Finland.

Jouni Lehto
Jyri Rajamäki
Paresh Rathod
© International Journal of Computers and Communications, 2012