Bhutan ICT Human Resources Development Master Plan and Strategies 2007 (Version 4.0)

The objective of Bhutan ICT HRD Master Plan and Strategies (BIHMPS) is to enable Bhutan to become a knowledge-based information society. The master plan, intended to be relevant for a period of five years, has been developed using a consultative approach with stakeholders taking into account the specific context and needs of the country. This master plan document is divided into five chapters. Chapter 1 presents a brief background on Bhutan. Chapter 2 focuses on the key developments and initiatives in the field of ICT in Bhutan. Chapter 3 examines the HRD aspects for ICT in Bhutan including shortage of ICT professionals, its access to a large pool of ICT professionals and underutilization of the existing ICT professionals. The components of the master plan are presented in chapter 4. Chapter 5 presents the operational strategies based on the plans developed in the previous chapter.

Department of Information Technology
Ministry of Information and Communication
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