2008 Digital 21 Strategy

The Digital 21 Strategy was first published in 1998 as the blueprint for Hong Kong's ICT development. It was updated on a regular basis to take into account technological and socio-economic changes. The 2008 Digital 21 Strategy contains five key action areas: facilitating a digital economy; promoting advanced technology and innovation; developing Hong Kong as a hub for technological cooperation and trade; enabling the next generation of public services; and building an inclusive, knowledge-based society. The strategy also details a list of 21 indicators to measure Hong Kong's long-term ICT development over time.

Previous 21 Digital Strategy Documents

2004 Digital 21 Strategy - http://www.digital21.gov.hk/eng/relatedDoc/download/2004D21S.pdf

2001 Digital 21 Strategy - http://www.digital21.gov.hk/eng/relatedDoc/download/2001D21S.pdf

1998 Digital 21 Strategy - http://www.digital21.gov.hk/eng/relatedDoc/download/1998D21S.pdf

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