Building e-government capacity in landlocked developing countries (LLDCs)

Jun 30th 2015 - Jul 1st 2015
UN-APCICT with ESCAP’s Transport Division

UN-APCICT co-organized the "Regional Training of Trainer’s Workshop on Paperless Transit Transport Facilitation" in Incheon on 30 June - 01 July 2015 with ESCAP’s Transport Division.

To deepen connectivity and increase intra-regional trade, this meeting aimed to raise awareness and strengthen capacities on paperless cross-border transit systems, particularly for landlocked developing countries (LLDCs) and transit countries.  Participants shared their experiences and best practices on securing reliable and efficient transit transport.

Information and communication technology based applications play an important role in facilitating information flows and increasing transparency and efficiency in transit systems. To address this linkage, UN-APCICT provided a session on e-government and its role in international trade and transport procedures based on Academy Module 3 (click to download).