Bhutan Virtual Training on “Realizing Data-Driven Governance”

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May 24th 2021
APCICT/ESCAP, Royal Institute of Management (RIM) of Bhutan
Virtual (Bhutan)

Data has proven to have a catalyzing role in public sector strategy and public service delivery. It is increasingly helping governments meeting citizens’ demands as to how, when and where to access services, thereby accelerating their Digital Transformation. However, in the midst of this Data Revolution, most developing countries still face challenges pertaining to lack of data, low quality data and outdated data.

In this prospect, the Royal Institute of Management (RIM) of Bhutan and APCICT/ESCAP co-organized a Virtual Training on “Realizing Data-Driven Governance” for Senior and Mid-Level Managers in the Civil Service on 24 May 2021. 

Based on APCICT’s Academy module on “Realizing Data-Driven Governance”, the session provided the participants with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding on the role of data in governance and development. It also highlighted the role of data and data analytics in supporting evidence-based policy-making and in implementing and monitoring progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. 

The virtual training was attended by senior and mid-level managers working in different organizations and agencies in the Civil Service across the Royal Government of Bhutan.