The One to Watch: Radio, New ICTs and Interactivity

The cases presented in this book are among the first examples of the convergence of radio and new ICTs for development, and the book underscores the significant potential of the combination. This book is not concerned with how individuals or communities can interact with radio stations or the Internet via instant polling, phone in radio programmes or remote broadcasts from the town market.

The Role of Information and Communication Technologies for Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change

Higher frequency and diffusion of climate fluctuations are likely to produce more severe and frequent droughts and floods, which are the main causes of short-term fluctuations in food production in semiarid and sub-humid areas. Taking this into account, it is crucial to identify information and communication systems that the farmers need in order to cope with the new conditions. This paper aims to provide more information and knowledge on the role of information and communication technologies for community-based adaptation to climate change.

Communication and Natural Resource Management: An e-forum on perspectives, principles and future directions

Throughout September 2003, 49 individuals working in the field of communication and natural resource management (CNRM) participated in an on-line discussion jointly moderated by FAO and The Communication Initiative. This e-forum was based on a review of the book ā€œCommunication and Natural Resource Management: Experience/Theory.ā€ Participants analysed the main results of the e-forum and made recommendations for future action.