Public-private Partnership and Community Participation on Applications of Space Technology for Socio-economic Development: Compilation of Policies and Practices in Selected ESCAP Member Countries

This technical material is a compilation of good practices on public-private partnerships and community participation for the development and applications of space-based ICTs for socio-economic development. It provides information on the types of partnerships and space-based projects and activities carried out in China, India and the Philippines, and on public-private partnerships policies in Japan and the Republic of Korea. It also presents examples on the role and importance of community participation and requirements of relevant government policies in promoting such partnerships.

Policy Framework on Space Information Products and Services for Disaster Management: Study report

This technical material provides an overview of the policy concept of space-based information products and services for disaster management, promoted by RESAP to support operational disaster management and essential for building regional cooperative mechanisms on space technology applications for disaster management.

Good Practices in Information and Communication Technology Policies in Asia and the Pacific: Promotion of Enabling Policies and Regulatory Frameworks for Information and Communication Technology Development in the Asia-Pacific Region

This study is intended to be a resource for ICT policy planners and decision makers, and offers policy-oriented perspectives on ICT policy formulation and implementation in the Asia-Pacific region In preparing for the study, fact-finding missions were fielded to India, Malaysia and the Republic of Korea, followed by a regional seminar on enabling policies and regulatory frameworks for ICT development in the Asian and Pacific region held at Bangkok in December 2003 and an ESCAP/ITU regional training workshop on enabling policies and regulatory frameworks for ICT development in the Asian and