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The Cloudy Future Of Government IT: Cloud Computing and The Public Sector around The World

This article examines the importance of cloud computing and non-military uses of cloud computing in governments across the globe, from the United States to Europe and Asia.

The paper then looks at the resource – people and computing – issues involved in cloud computing. The author then presents his six-step “Cloud Migration Strategy” for governmental agencies to shift to cloud computing. Finally, the author looks “beyond the horizon” to the implications for public sector organizations and the information technology community as the cloud computing revolution progresses.

Caught in the cloud Privacy, encryption, and government back doors in the web 2.0 era

Over the last few years, consumers, corporations and governments have rushed to move their data to “the cloud,” adopting web-based applications and storage solutions provided by companies that include Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. Cloud computing services provide consumers with vast amounts of cheap, redundant storage and allow them to instantly access their data from a web-connected computer anywhere in the world. Unfortunately the shift to cloud computing needlessly exposes users to privacy invasion and fraud by hackers.

Cloud computing with SOA approach as part of the disaster recovery and response in Finland

The Rescue Services in Finland have a significant problem of communication with other authorities who also participate in the rescue process. The greatest challenge is a lack of shared programs, applications or any other e-services which they can use to communicate with each other. The cloud computing combined with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) might be the answer for this problem. There are several solutions and guidelines available.