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ICT4D resources on Singapore

Quick Facts

Total population                                             5.353 million (July 2012 est.)
GDP per capita
USD 60,500 (2011 est.)
Literacy rate
95% (2009)

Computers per 100 inhabitants

72.61 (2006)
Fixed-line telephones per 100 inhabitants


Mobile phone subscribers per 100 inhabitants
Internet users per 100 inhabitants
Domain names registered under '.sg'
852,520 (January 2008)
Broadband subscribers per 100 inhabitants
Internet international bandwidth
Submarine cable capacity: 28 Tbps (October 2007) Direct international Internet connectivity: 25 Gbps (October 2007)
Percentage of population covered by mobile signal

Source: Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2009/2010

Country Profile (OpenNet Initiative)

Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2007/2008

Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2005/2006

Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2003/2004

ICT at a Glance (World Bank)

Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore


Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts

Singapore i-Government

General Resources

Country Profile (BBC)

Development Gateway's Country Resources

The Economist’s Country Briefing

The World Factbook (CIA)

The World Bank

Resources on E-Co Hub

ASEAN Statistical Yearbook 2014

ASEAN Statistical Yearbook 2014

With the sustained interest of the business and international community in the growth and dynamism of the ASEAN Community, there is an ever-growing and constant demand for statistical information about the region. Whereas statistics would show the distinct and diverse characteristics of the ASEAN Member States in terms of demography, education and health, ASEAN statistics also demonstrate the interconnectedness of the region in trade, foreign direct investment and tourism, among others. Every year, the ASEAN Statistical Yearbook (ASYB) provides the region's latest statistical information on these social and economic indicators. Containing longer data series to facilitate deeper analysis of interrelated issues, this annual publication provides a comprehensive account of the trends and developments in the ASEAN region, as captured in numbers through statistics.

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Looking Ahead: The Development of Information Management in Asia’s Public Sector

Looking Ahead: The Development of Information Management in Asia’s Public Sector

The paper explores several areas linked to information management systems throughout Asia Pacific, and reveals a strong general trend towards improved management systems. It also highlights the massive growth of data that governments are required to keep and the challenge of keeping up with expected future growth.

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National Infocomm Strategy and Policy: Singapore's Experience

This article provides Singapore IT plan and experience from 1980 to 2000.

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