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New Zealand

ICT4D resources on New Zealand

Quick Facts

Total population 
4.32 million (July 2012 est.)            
Literacy rate
99% (2003 est.)
GDP per capita

USD 28,000 (2011 est.)(USD 1 = NZD 1.26)

Computers per 100 inhabitants

Fixed-line telephones per 100 inhabitants


Mobile phone subscribers per 100 inhabitants
Internet users per 100 inhabitants
Domain names registered under '.nz'
Broadband subscribers per 100 inhabitants
Broadband users per 100 inhabitants
Internet domestic bandwidth
7.6 Mbit/s (maximum speed DSL download, March 2007)

2 Mbit/s (maximum speed DSL upload, March 2007)
Percentage of population covered by mobile signal

Source: Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2009/2010

Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2007/2008

Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2005/2006

Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2003/2004

ICT at a Glance (World Bank)

ICT in Education (UNESCO)


General Resources

Country Profile (BBC)

Development Gateway's Country Resources

The Economist’s Country Briefing

The World Factbook (CIA)

Resources on E-Co Hub

New Zealand e-Government Interoperability Framework

The e-GIF is a collection of policies and standards endorsed for New Zealand government information technology (IT) systems. It has the following benefits: 1) Helps government agencies more easily work together electronically; 2) Makes systems, knowledge and experience reusable from one agency to another; and 3) Reduces the effort required to deal with government online by encouraging consistency of approach.

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Accessibility of New Zealand Government Websites

Two research projects designed to indicate the accessibility of government websites were commissioned by the Office for Disability Issues in 2005 and 2006. AccEase Ltd conducted the research, using a methology that emphased disabled people using websites and reporting on their experiences. The results from this research informed reporting on implementation of the New Zealand Disability Strategy, and assisted the State Services Commission monitor implementation of the New Zealand government Web Guidelines and Web Standards.

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