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The e-Collaborative Hub or E-Co Hub is a single-entry online gateway for policy makers, trainers and practitioners to easily access and search for relevant knowledge resources on different aspects of ICT for development (ICTD). There is also a collaborative workspace to discuss views, share ideas and collaborate on projects related to ICTD.

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National Information and Communication Technologies Strategy for the Development of the Republic of Azerbaijan (2003-2012)

The key goal of this National Strategy is to assist the Republic of Azerbaijan’s democratic development and to create favourable environment for the transition to the information society through the application of information and communications technology (ICT). It looks at the role of the state in building the information society and provides key principles of informatization. The ICT strategy also provides priorities and directions for: education; the social spheres; telecommunication; e-government; legislation; e-economy; information resources; ICT industry; and security.

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Mauritius - e-Government Interoperability Framework Version 1.0

This document has been prepared on the request of the e-Government Task Force to clearly formulate policies and specifications for the interoperability of government information systems in the context of the e-government initiative. This document has been prepared by the e-Government Interoperability Working Group on documented government experience in other countries and in particular the UK e-government initiative.

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National ICT Policies and Gender Equality: Regional Perspective - Asia

This paper prepared for the Expert Group Meeting on “Information and communication technologies and their impact on and use as an instrument for the advancement and empowerment of women” in Seoul, Republic of Korea from 11 to 14 November 2002, contains suggestions from the Asian perspective about possible points of intervention from which to build up the gender and ICT agenda in the national policy terrain, including developing gender and ICT indicators, integrating gender analysis in national ICT policy frameworks and policies, building government’s commitment to the advancement of women for their ICT platform, and promoting gender responsive e-governance.

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Bangladesh National Information and Communication Technology Policy

This policy document guides the development of a country-wide ICT-infrastructure for human resources development, governance, e-commerce, banking, public utility services and all sorts of on-line ICT-enabled services by 2006. This paper includes policy statements and a section on implementation and monitoring.

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Master Plan for Information Technology Use and Development in Vietnam by 2005

This is the Master plan for IT use and development in Vietnam by 2005 with the following major contents:

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Technologies for Education: Potential, Parameters and Prospects

Drawing on the wealth of worldwide knowledge and experience, this book analyses the rationales and realities of ICTs for education, examines the options and choices for applying them and identifies a series of case studies to illustrate aspects of integrating ICTs into learning systems in different environments. How ICTs can promote improvements in educational reach and delivery is considered, along with issues of content, learning outcomes, teaching, quality and relevance in developing countries.

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Information and Communication Technology in Education: A Curriculum for Schools and Programme of Teacher Development

The book pursues two key purposes. The first is to specify a curriculum in ICT for secondary schools that is in line with current international trends. The second is to propose a programme of professional development for teachers necessary to implement the specified ICT curriculum successfully. In addition, it provides a practical and realistic approach to curriculum and teacher development that can be implemented quickly and cost effectively, according to available resources.

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National Strategy Information and Communication Technologies for Development in the Kyrgyz Republic

The achieved level and problems with ICT development in the Kyrgyz Republic determine the necessity to move away from a one-sided policy of just developing communications and information technologies to the formulation of a nation-wide strategy to integrate with the world information society. Given already available technological opportunities, main policy directions could be the formation of the interconnect information space in the country, development of information resources, data bases, knowledge, and information infrastructure, which could be used by both state structures and the general public on the parity basis. This will evolve the development of the informational law, technological facilities, and organization.

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Resources for Internet Trainers

Being an effective Internet and ICT trainer requires more than just being familiar with the tools. Developing a good training programme takes careful planning and an understanding of the organization's and individual learner's needs and context. This section draws on the ItrainOnline partners' experience in training and materials development, and offers a collection of resources for trainers which focus on Internet and ICTs training in NGOs and community organizations. This webpage include resources on training in a development context, instructional design for web-based distance learning, online collaboration, and many more.

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Resources for Women Trainers and Learners

This webpage offers links to resources specifically targeted at women. The resources are divided into two categories: general women- and gender-related training resources, and women-focused ICTs resources grouped by topics. Topics include strategic Internet use, online collaboration, web design and knowledge management.

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