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About e-Co Hub

e-Co Hub: A Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration Portal on ICTD for the Asia-Pacific region

What is it?

The e-Co Hub has been designed and developed by UN-APCICT as a place for online convergence of like-minded individuals and organizations working to strengthen capacities in the use of information and communications technology for development (ICTD) in the Asia-Pacific region.

It aims to enhance the learning and training experience by providing easy access to relevant resources, and by making available an interactive space for sharing knowledge and experiences on ICTD. The e-Co Hub does not attempt to duplicate the work of other ICTD portals, but aims to give policy makers, educators and project managers a starting point for finding and discussing the increasing amount of information being published.

Why e-Co Hub?

Many countries in the Asia-Pacific region face a widening digital divide, i.e. between those who have access to information and technologies and those who do not, and also between those who are able to successfully use ICTs and those who cannot. At the same time initiatives to strengthen the capacities of policy makers and citizens in using ICT for social and economic development are limited and ad-hoc.

A contributing factor to this situation is the lack of an effective and coordinated mechanism to share and acquire capacity building resources such as training materials, guidelines, handbooks, case studies and audio-visual learning kits. In the Asia-Pacific region, there is no dedicated network and platform for policy makers, educators and project managers to share experiences and knowledge, and collaborate in developing and delivering quality training to promote innovative synergies towards the advancement of ICTD.

What can you do on e-Co Hub?

In summary, you can:

The resources available in the e-Co Hub aims to support trainers and educators in building ICTD capacity, and assist policy makers in making informed decisions. Resources on the e-Co Hub include: publications, reports, journal articles, working papers, training manuals, guidelines, case studies, video and audio files, and multimedia materials, as well as web portals with links to relevant resources, and blogsites. Users can browse these different types of resources by various topics (e.g. e-commerce, e-governance), by country, or by organization that have published these resources.

For example, as a trainer, you can use the e-Co Hub as a starting point to find the resources you need to conduct ICTD courses, you can meet other trainers and share experiences in delivering ICTD courses, you can start an online discussion on a particular topic that you will be teaching, or you can work with a group of other trainers to develop a new ICTD-related course.

Next steps?

To take full advantage of the services available at e-Co Hub, you may wish to complete a simple registration form on at

All registered members will automatically have access to APCICT Virtual Academy  once it is launched later this year, and will be able to access all training materials of the Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders, as well as take the self-paced online course.

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Launch of the e-Co Hub on 16 June 2008

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