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Digital Partnership Network

UN-APCICT launched the Digital Partnership Network (DPN) in October 2007 involving trainers, academicians and researchers in the field of ICT capacity building. UN-APCICT will collaborate with DPN members in developing appropriate background notes and analyses from the ground-up to assist UN-APCICT undertake its advisory services.


In line with its mandate as a regional United Nations training institute, APCICT seeks to develop a network of training institutions, academics, and researchers through a programme entitled UN-APCICT Digital Partnership Network (DPN).


The UN-APCICT Digital Partnership Network seeks to provide a regional platform and accessible directly via a dedicated online Community of Practice targeted primarily for training institutions, academicians and researchers within the field of ICT for Human Capacity Building. The wealth of sharing of information related to cutting edge research and knowledge, announcements, and activities generated within the community will enable a stronger sharing of information, best practices, and also enabling a greater networking and encouraging the potential for synergistic strategic partnerships between institutions and individuals.


The Community of Practice will specifically support and highlight regional/ national information on:

  • Current status of ICT human capacity building programme
  • Best practices in ICT human capacity building programme
  • Implications of the digital divide on less developed countries and their citizens
  • Innovative, sustainable solutions to bridging the digital divide for development

UN-APCICT will also provide the following materials in multiple formats to members of the DPN:

  • ICT World Today - A bi-annual newsletter which features updates on technology trends for policy makers, ICT professionals and ICT trainers. The newsletter seeks to update the key stakeholders in the region on current technological trends and the use of ICT practices and applications for development.
  • A gateway for partners to be involved in the implementation of the Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders, which features eight ICT4D modules on various aspects related to ICT4D planning, implementation and relevant current ICT4D issues.

UN-APCICT also seeks to actively utilize the DPN to share information and resources on UN-APCICT's events and fellowships as well as soliciting proposals for curriculum development for ICT capacity building programmes.


UN-APCICT Launches Digital Partnership Network

Press Release G/43/2007

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